【travellers guide】

  • Great food experience
    with all-you-can-eat
    in Japan!
  • " Food Theme Park" NILAX
    Buffet restaurant with a
    rich variety of more than
    60 Japanese, Western
    and Chinese dishes

ー Menu ー

More than 60 items from seasonal menus to classic favorites!

A Japanese buffet restaurant where the tastes of the world come together.
Enjoy the memories of a culinary journey.

We have a multilingual menu and looking forward to serving you.
For reservations, please click the link below!

Some items, such as sushi, are available for mobile ordering, offering freshly prepared delicacies.
The mobile order is available in three languages, and most of our restaurants are equipped with Free Wi-Fi so you can use the service without any anxiety.
(Rental devices are also available).

  • Sushi

    The most famous Japanese cuisine, Sushi

    We offer a variety of popular sushi items such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, conger eel, and more!
    (Only for those who ordered the applicable course)
    Not available at some restaurants. Please refer to each restaurant's menu page for details.

    Ramen noodles

    DIY menu

    Create your own original ramen with your favorite soup and toppings!
    Not available at some restaurants. Please check each restaurant's menu page for details.

  • Karaage

    A great classic for home cooking.

    Enjoy our freshly fried Japanese fried chicken!


    DIY menu

    Japanese sweetness packed into a luxurious dish of your choice.



  • All restaurants feature a salad bar

    A full salad bar is also available to satisfy vegetarians!

  • Multi-language menus
    are available

    Display items are written in "English", "Chinese", and "Korean", so you can feel at ease using our service.

  • Customize
    to your liking

    It will definitely be a special experience to make your own ramen, desserts, etc!

  • Supports many
    payment methods

    We accept major credit cards and e-money.


3 Steps for Reservation

  • 01

    Select a store
    from reservation page below

    Please check the details from each language page and proceed to the reservation form to enter your reservation information.

  • 02

    Enter the date, time, and the number of guests.

    Enter the desired date, time, and number of guests to make a reservation request.
    (Reservations cannot be made for dates that cannot be selected.)

  • 03

    Choose and order
    a course on the day

    Order the course of your choice on the day and enjoy the buffet.

Reservation pages